Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Recapitulation of a TV's Dying Image

And the TV told us of Shawn Michaels' new job at the deli...

People were rude here.

Back in the ring, a chest poke like that was a way of asking for a beat down. There's just no respect without a beat down received when it's requested.... Make a sandwich Shawn!

What's this? It's Shawn's old buddy Hunter Hearst Helmsley, hear to take him back to the ring once again! Just look at Shawn getting his mojo back already!

The prodigal son returns. We don't wear aprons and silly hats here...

The crowd cheers for Shawn's return!

Shawn is home.

Someone swiftly and unexpectedly attacks Shawn from behind, just as he was reliving his glory days again.

Unfortunately it's time for a commercial break.


retold by tom mcdermott

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