Monday, May 31, 2010

In Burbank

Sunday afternoon, I was 011001010110000101110100011010010110111001100111 pancakes in a diner near my 011010000110111101110101011100110110010100001101000010100000110100001010. As I finished brunch, I noticed a magazine outside the window to my 011100100110100101100111011010000111010000001101000010100000110100001010, I eventually paid attention and notice that the person on the cover was Professor Ricardo Dominguez, staring at me through the window, from another window: the window of the diner, the window of the news paper display case, the window of the framed image and the window of my sunglasses. Very framing.... thought I would hang out in the frame with him. I thought this was a good sign. Don't we all have points of views that govern what we 011000110110111101101110011100110110100101100100011001010111001000001101000010100000110100001010.

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