Monday, June 7, 2010

What's Originality?

When members of Laibach were asked by an interviewer about Rammstein "stealing" from them, they responded that "Laibach does not believe in originality... Therefore, Rammstein could not 'steal' much from us. They simply let themselves get inspired by our work, which is absolutely a legitimate process. We are glad that they made it. In a way, they have proven once again that a good 'copy' can make more money on the market than the 'original.'"



  1. Life = Art = Life = Art = Life . . . etc.

    What is this thing "Copying"?

  2. Well I always looked at copying as a form of reproduction. Reproduction, to me, is a form of birth. When Laibach was asked about Ramstien 'copying' their style, they said that they didn't believe in originality. I like the idea that we all feed off one another in a community by 'copying' what inspires us. I don't believe any copy is ever exact, in fact I just hope it never is.

    What is Fiona Apple copying? I think only a cosmologist could answer such complicated questions... ;)

  3. Memes man. It is all about the meme.

    We are just conduits for ideas. Filters and meta filters . . .

    It's like a giant phone game and each time that communication gets warped a little more.